About Us

D Jeromel Health-Psych Consulting Group and D Jeromel International spin off from D Jeromel Health-Psych Consulting, a Psychological HR Consulting firm founded in year 2003 by a team of Psychologists whose paths crossed in Australia (or because of Australia). Our current team of Consultants, Allied Consultants and support colleagues comprise of nationalities around the world. They include Americans, Australians, British, Chinese, Dutch, French, Germans, Indonesians, Singaporeans and Thais. Many of our Consultants have been Sojourners and are highly aware of the implications of cross cultural differences. It is with such understanding that our Consultants integrate cross cultural expertise in our daily consultancy to support the needs of your Global businesses.


Taking the perspective that the health of an organization is the summation of its human resources and organizational financial health; we strive to assist your organization/s in balancing these elements so that your organization/s grow and stabilized.

All Consultants with D Jeromel have at least 10 years of experiences in their respective industries, and are certified by their respective Professional Associations. They come from diversified backgrounds such as Psychology (Organizational), Psychotherapy, Executive Coaching, Executive Search, Business and Capital Advisories, Tax Planning, and Therapist in Anatomy, Physiology, Body Message and Aromatherapy.

Please note that as part of the Australian and American Psychological Associations accreditation, all our Psychologists had fulfilled their accreditation requirements.